Energy Assistance Program

At this time we expect to offer assistance for the Heating Winter Season of  2019/2020.   Please watch this website for the EAP starting date in the fall of 2019.

The Summer Cool Crisis Program Ends August 16, 2019

FAX: (574) 236 – 4891


The Energy Assistance Program (EAP) is UNABLE to provide a Summer Cool Program that allows ALL EAP clients to receive a benefit towards their electric bills during the summer months.

However, EAP is able to offer a limited Summer Cool Program.




We may be able to assist a household if they meet ALL of the following criteria:
• approved for EAP benefits this past heating season (October 2018 – May 2019)
• approved as an ‘at risk’ household (household with a member who is:
– over 60 years of age,
– or 5 years of age or younger,
– or receiving disability,
– or a veteran)
• has an ELECTRIC DISCONNECT notice or ELECTRIC service is disconnected.

If a household meets ALL of the above criteria, EAP may be able to help with up to $200. Please call our office at 574-232-6501 or 1-800-225-3367

Things EAP is NOT able to do:
• accept new applications for the summer
• assist households who do not have an at-risk household member
• assist an at-risk household if they do NOT have an electric disconnect notice
• assist with heating bills


The Energy Assistance Program at REAL Services is administering the Summer Cool Crisis Program according to Indiana State/IHCDA Policies and is unable to make exceptions.

REAL Services, Inc. administers the Energy Assistance Program in 5 counties, Elkhart, Fulton, Kosciusko, Marshall and St. Joseph. The EAP county offices are closed when applications are not accepted.

The Energy Assistance Program reserves the right to request additional information as necessary!