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If you are a hospital or nursing facility and have questions about the new Pre-Admission Screening Process,
Please go to either the Ascend or Aging website:




Pre-Admission Screening. In 1983, Indiana passed a law which said any person who makes application for entry into an Indiana nursing facility must have the option of having a screening done.

The screening is an assessment that determines if the applicant’s physical ailments qualify them to be in a nursing home setting, and makes recommendations for appropriate placement.

If the applicant chooses to refuse the screening, there is a one-year penalty where Indiana Medicaid will not pay the per diem costs of that person to be in an Indiana nursing home. People who are mentally ill, mentally retarded or developmentally disabled cannot refuse to have the screening done.

Phone number: (574) 284 – 2644 or toll free (800) 552 – 2916 (Indiana only)