Why Give?

The rapid increase in longevity is about to be magnified. Between now and the year 2030, the proportion of people over age 65 will almost double. The baby boom generation is about to turn into an age boom.

With longevity comes the concern for the number of people who are expected to live past the age of 85, a time of life when assistance with activities of daily living is most needed. Our objective and our obligation is to help people to care for themselves, to remain healthy, and to be independent. Some will simply be unable to do this.

Given the unpredictability of life, even those who plan well are sometimes devastated by life’s unforeseen events. Therefore, when planning ahead, we must prepare for those who become victim’s of life’s changing circumstances.

Our current referral list has expanded to over 700 requests for assistance. These are people who have been determined to be living in a situation that places them at risk of nursing home placement. The list grows longer every day.

More than 50% of those over age 85 are disabled, and this is the fastest growing segment of our society. As a result, at least one in four individuals will become a caregiver to an older relative or friend.

“You can survive life with the absence of arms, legs, and eyesight, but the one thing you absolutely cannot live without is hope” Mack Wilson, a 56 year old victim of advanced degenerative joint disease.

$1,500.00 Will provide meals for a homebound person for a full year through MEALS ON WHEELS.
$500.00 Will fund a HOMEMAKER to clean the house of an elderly person for three (3) months through the IN-HOME PROGRAM.
$440.00 Will provide counseling for ten (10) elderly people through the CRIME VICTIM PROGRAM.
$180.00 Will fund one (1) month of support for an elderly person who needs GUARDIANSHIP services.
$130.00 Will provide eight (8) hours of RESPITE CARE for individuals or families who are the sole caregivers for a family member through the IN-HOME PROGRAM.
$ 75.00 Will help the OMBUDSMAN assist individuals who have family members in nursing facilities.
$ 50.00 Will pay for two (2) meals a day, for one (1) week, for a homebound person through MEALS ON WHEELS.
$ 36.00 Will provide two (2) older adults with TRANSPORTATION to the doctor and other medical appointments.
$ 16.00 Will provide for one (1) hour of HOME HEALTH ASSISTANCE. (In-Home Program Donation)
$ 5.00 Will pay for one (1) meal for a homebound person through MEALS ON WHEELS.
$ 3.00 Will supply a family or individual with a COUNTY GUIDE TO RESOURCES. ( ADRC – Resource Center)

Your contribution can help the elderly and disabled in our community remain safe and in their homes!