Elves for Elders

Elves for Elders is a holiday gift-giving program for those who would like to get involved with the elderly during the holiday season.

REAL Services’ staff provide gift lists for Case Management and Guardianship clients. Clients are elderly and/or disabled, and have been identified as participants of Elves for Elders because of their lack of financial and/or family support.

Client-specific wish lists are distributed to the public where items are purchased by “Purchasing Elves” volunteers and dropped off to the most convenient REAL Services location (LaPorte, Marshall, Kosciusko, Elkhart, and St. Joseph Counties). “Delivery Elf” volunteers deliver the packaged gifts to clients before December 19th.

Purchasing Elves:  “Adopt” a client as an individual, family, or group. Purchase Elves will receive a wish list for the number of clients  they would like to purchase gifts for, and the gifts  are due back to a local REAL Services office in time to be processed for delivery. Typical gifts include: clothing, toiletries, calendars, slippers, puzzle books, cleaning supplies, and other practical items.   Purchasing elves are encouraged to spend as much or as little as they are comfortable with, though we do expect a commitment that will satisfy the client. The average wish list per client is typically between $25-50 in merchandise requests.

Delivery Elves:  These elves deliver gifts to a number of clients in a preferred area. Delivery elves are asked to complete the volunteer application in order to be eligible to participate in this portion of the program. This is a great opportunity for families, businesses, community groups, and for anyone that would like to spread holiday cheer. Delivery Elves are very important, as they may be the only holiday visitor a client has for the year.

Martin’s Elves:  Our Elves for Elders program partners with Martin’s Supermarket’s ”Santa for a Senior“ program, in which a booth is set up for Martin’s customers to purchase gifts for local seniors. These elves help to inform customers of the opportunity to donate gifts to the Elves for Elders program.

Only one person per group or family needs to go through the sign-up process.

It’s NEVER TOO EARLY to get started!
Call 574-284-7138 or email allen2@realservices.org.

 Complete the Volunteer Application to get started!                 Watch the Elves for Elders Video!

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