Volunteer as a Handy Person

The Handyperson program is a good fit for anyone who is comfortable with a screw driver.  Crafty or skilled, your help is always welcome!!

Handyperson projects vary depending on the needs of the client and can range from changing a light bulb to fixing a leaky faucet.

After completing the volunteer orientation, handyperson volunteers will be contacted when a prospective project is available. Interested volunteers will be asked to assess and address project issues to the best of their ability.  Clients are responsible for providing needed tools and supplies for every project.

Common Handyperson projects include:

  • Replacing a warn door lock.
  • Repairing a leaky faucet.
  • Replacing drywall and preparing it to be painted by volunteers.
  • Leading a volunteer group for SAH or project.
  • Installing a curtain rod or shelving unit.
  • Stabilizing a loose banister.
  • Installing new light bulbs in hard-to-reach fixtures.
  • Securing a downspout.


Complete the Volunteer Application to get started!

Only one person per group or family needs to go through the application process.

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