Volunteer as a Housekeeper

Generally a one-time project per client, the Housekeeping program is great for individuals, families and groups.

REAL Services clients that already receive in-home services may need additional assistance with like housekeeping tasks.

Deep cleaning: Tackle some of those hard-to reach areas by helping with a deep cleaning project which may include washing floors, light fixtures, and washing windows.  One day of cleaning can equal a year of happiness for these clients!

Clutter Removal and Organization: Organize a basement, garage or attic, or help a client go through boxes to reduce clutter in the home.  This is an extremely important project, as it reduces a client’s fall risk, increases the safety of emergency exit routs within the home and can contribute to an improved quality of life for clients.

One-time cleaning: Simple tasks like vacuuming, dusting or cleaning a kitchen can be a huge relief for an elderly or disabled client.

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