Volunteer for Delivery of Donations

Transportation and Delivery Volunteers are able to help meet the needs of people in our community simply by loading and transporting items in their spare time!

Client Need: Real Services receives need(s) requests from Client’s for item(s) that they are unable to obtain on their own or through other community resources.  Real Services receives community donations and collaborates with local organizations to meet these needs.  Some of our Client’s are no longer able to drive, lack informal supports and/or are unable to complete the physical task of obtaining an item; therefore there are instances that require transportation and delivery of an item once a donation has been received.
Transportation and Delivery is generally a one-time service.

Travel Area:  St. Joe County, Elkhart County, Kosciusko County, Marshall County and LaPorte County.  Travel would only occur within these five counties.

Small Item Deliveries:  Incontinency Supplies, Durable Medical Equipment (Wheelchairs, Bath Chairs, Walkers, etc). All of which, can generally fit into most vehicles.

Large Item Deliveries:  On occasion, larger donations are received, such as Hospital Beds, Lift Chairs and Power Scooters.  In these instances, Real Services does not store these items.  Real Services Staff coordinates pick-up and delivery between Donor and Client as well as arranges Transportation and Delivery of the item with the Volunteer.  **Larger items also may require multiple volunteers to load and unload items as well as proper transportation (i.e.: a Truck) to move the items.

How Local Deliveries Work: Real Services Staff coordinates donations within each county.  Small items such as those listed above are able to be transported by staff to local Real Services County Offices.  Local Volunteers in each county would then pick up donated item(s) from the Real Services office and deliver it to a Client within their County.  Real Services staff would arrange and confirm Pick-up and Delivery with Client and Volunteer.
*Volunteers whom are able to assist with transportation and delivery of items may have flexible schedules to coordinate delivery of an item; however most are completed during business hours, Monday-Friday between 8:00 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

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