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REAL Services of Marshall County aims to support independence for life in Marshall County.  The team in our Plymouth office administers a network of services for older adults and the physically disabled in Marshall County.

Marshall County Office
510 W. Adams St.  Suite 260
Plymouth, IN  46563
Phone: (574) 936 – 3175
Fax: (574) 936 – 6829


Volunteer!  You can make a difference in the life of someone in our community by offering just a few hours of your time.

REAL Services of Marshall County offers the following programs that support individuals and families in living independent and meaningful lives.

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  • Lawson and Jim sqWe come for the company,” Latham and Jim said almost in unison when asked why they come to the REAL Services Nutrition Center in Culver.  Then Latham added with a sly smile, “Someone to talk to and talk about.”  He had just finished working on a puzzle and was now enjoying a cup of coffee with his friend, Jim.

    These fascinating men are long-time residents of Marshall County.  They were both in the Navy, though Latham was never on a ship.  They enjoy each other’s company over a nutritious meal, swapping stories, remembering the past, and enjoying the present.

    Latham taught history and government in the Culver Public Schools for 38 years.  But just ask any of his former students… he was no ordinary teacher.   He taught by singing songs in the classroom!  He had songs and rhymes for all the events in history, forever impressing the facts on the minds and memories of his students.

    Jim was at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked.  His ship had been at sea for 37 days and pulled into the harbor just 2½ hours before the Japanese arrived.  He explained that at first they didn’t think it was real.  Music continued to play over the speakers during the attack and it took several minutes to understand it was not a drill.

    While Jim has two daughters who live in Culver, Latham has no family in the area.  The interaction and friendships they encounter at the Nutrition Center keep them active, engaged, and mentally stimulated.  They also enjoy a nutritious meal five days a week.

    The nutrition program of REAL Services was started in 1973 to provide low cost nutritious meals five days a week along with recreational activities and informational programs for individuals over 60 years old. The program promotes better health among older adults through improved nutrition, and the pleasure derived from group participation.

    Jim and Latham are just two of the people who enjoy a meal, companionship, and activities offered by the Nutrition Center in Culver. There are also REAL Services Nutrition Centers located in Argos, Bourbon, Bremen, LaPaz, and Plymouth.

    Jim and Latham, Nutrition Clients,
  • Sallie Marshall CountyThe phone rings as Sally’s interview begins. She answers, “Jack, let me call you back in a little bit, okay?” She informs that Jack is her adopted brother. “We are very, very close” she says. Sally continues the beginning of the conversation telling numerous stories of her big, animated family. Her family is obviously a very close one with endless amounts of unforgettable memories that they’ve shared together. As she describes there never being a dull moment, Sally finally states, “I should write a book.” 69-year-old, Sally, is a Marshall County resident who learned about REAL Services through her neighbor who was receiving their home delivered meals. Ever since, she has been an appreciative client, with a great attitude, despite all of her health complications. Approximately eight years ago Sally was sitting in the lounge of her apartment complex with a friend when she noticed her pants were wet. “Is the roof leaking?” she said to her friend, “my pants are really wet.” That’s when she learned that she had congestive heart failure and that her leg was filling up with water. Soon, she developed thyroid disease from her congestive heart failure, which then caused her to have a knee replacement. A few years after that, she began having double vision which she thought could be a side effect from her thyroid medication. However, once she went to the doctor, she learned that it was 6th nerve palsy. When her double vision did not improve, she went to a different doctor who concluded that she had developed Grave’s disease from her thyroid complications. “I had never ever been sick. So when everything hit me within a two year period, that really just took me by surprise,” Sally stated. She also suffers from COPD, emphysema, arthritis, osteoarthritis, diverticulitis, edema, and hyperthyroidism. REAL Services has helped Sally adjust to her health complications. Home health care was organized through REAL Services for cleaning, vacuuming, and laundry assistance. Sally was able to receive a cane and a walker from REAL Services, and was also able to have grab bars installed so that she could shower safely. Additionally, Sally has received home delivered meals and she receives case management from her case manager, Allison, who provides advocacy and service monitoring. “I love Allison to pieces and I appreciate everything I’ve received from REAL Services.” In her free time, Sally likes to read, play bingo, knit, crochets, and do jigsaw and crossword puzzles. She lives in a close-knit apartment complex and spends time with the friends she has there. She cooks breakfast for her church every Sunday morning, but her favorite activity by far, is spending time with her family. Although not all of them live close to her, she cherishes the moments she gets to spend with her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. “I am so thankful that there is such a thing as REAL Services that help people,” Sally concludes with a smile across her face. Having raised five children on her own, being independent is important to her. She is thankful that the help from REAL Services allows her to stay independent in her own home. “I don’t know what I would do without [REAL Services],” she says. “Best thing that’s ever happened to me.”
    Sally, REAL Services Client,
  • Living on aSandy - Marshall - cropped small quiet street in Plymouth, Indiana, Sandy often finds herself thinking about how thankful she is for REAL Services. “I’d be totally lost without her,” Sandy expresses when speaking about her case manager, Allison. Sandy is 56 years old who suffered from a massive stroke six years ago that impaired the left side of her body.  Having always been a very self-sufficient woman, Sandy finds it hard to rely on others for help.  “I used to work 60-70 hours a week before I had the stroke,” Sandy says.  She also makes a point to say that she is always very thankful for all the assistance she receives from REAL Services and her caregivers. When Sandy had her stroke six years ago, she felt completely helpless with no nearby family members to care for her.  That is when REAL Services stepped in.  Immediately REAL Services came into her home and assessed what needed to be done.  A homemaker, bath aide, and a lifeline button were quickly arranged for Sandy, so that she did not have to go into a long-term care facility.  Then home modifications were made that were essential for Sandy to stay in her home.   Reminiscing on more positive memories, Sandy ended the conversation expressing some of her favorite times going to the conservation camp in Kankakee with her family. “We would sit around the campfire, go fishing, play games.  It was all-in-all fun, like having a picnic 24/7.” Sandy’s thankful attitude continues as she gives thanks for REAL Services, and everyone that has made the organization possible.  She concludes by saying, “I thank God for you, God bless you, and thank you very much. I wouldn't have made it without you.”  
    Sandy, REAL Services Client,

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