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The Aging and Disability Resource Center (ADRC/InConnect) is a one stop shop for community resources and services for older individuals and the disabled. The ADRC/InConnect can help you with decisions, big or small. You may be a caregiver seeking advice on what to do when a loved one who is no longer able to live alone without assistance. You may be an older adult simply seeking some ideas of where you might go for socialization. Or, you may be a young person with a physical disability finding it hard to manage your life without some assistance. The ADRC/InConnect has the information and resources to help you make “your” best choice. The ADRC/InConnect can screen you for a variety of local, state or national programs and services. We are here to listen to your situation, whether simple or complex. We will offer you a compassionate ear, valid referrals and informative counsel to support you in your decisions.

If you would like information on any of our programs or other resources please feel free to contact us at (574) 284-7107, (800) 552-2916, or email Megan Rogers at

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