The REAL Big Raffle – Thank You

Thank you for making the 2019 REAL Big Raffle a SUCCESS. This was the nineth year for the raffle, and the support of people like you is heartwarming and makes a difference in the lives of people in our community!

Whether you were one of the prize winners or not, you should know that the funds generated by the REAL Big Raffle make a difference in the lives of elderly and low-income people of our community. Each $50 coupon purchased provided 10 meals for a home-bound person in need of our Meals on Wheels program.

Below is a complete list of all our prize winners. Perhaps you or someone you know is on the list.

At REAL Services, we fight for the independence, dignity and strength of our community and the individuals who live here. By participating in the raffle, YOU made a difference in someone’s life…

THANK YOU for making that difference!


Judy Jankowski

Director of Development

2019 REAL Big Raffle Winners

$25,000 – Spike and Carol Abernethy

$2,000 – Eric Ehlers

$1,000 – MaryAnne Pryde

$500.00 – Elizabeth Raven

$250.00 – Paula Abraham